PropSecured for Security Providers

As a security provider, you’ll know that property management clients are hungry for data and that handing over paper logbooks doesn’t cut it. We’re here to provide a solution with our all-in-one platform for logging and reporting security data, creating automated and branded reports to send to your clients.


Satisfy your client’s needs for data.

Security guards are usually the only staff present when tenants are at home, and property management wants to guarantee that guards are correctly handling all nightly incidents. 

By making it fast and easy for your guards to log detailed records, we’ll be able to generate branded reports to distribute to clients each morning. Keep management happy and justify your staffing recommendations with advanced data.



Security guards download the app on their phones.


Guards input any incidents that occur on their watch with our simple response system.


Automated branded morning reports are generated and can be sent to management staff to brief them on the night’s events.

We make it easy for management and security alike.

Capture all important information

Guards log all events that occur – anything from lockouts to lift entrapments – with an easy to use app that they install on their smartphones.


We send automatic morning email recaps to your teams, keeping them up to date with simple summaries.


We track all data for monthly reporting in a straightforward and easy to understand summary for each of your clients. View patterns and outliers at a glance.
seemless reporting propsecured

Our reporting ethos: you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

We believe in intelligent, data-driven services. Time and again, we’ve found that data collection and analysis sets the stage for developing future-proof solutions. Our reporting system takes advantage of the information-rich security data to provide insights into common issues or complaints from your clients.

These reports will help you to get ahead of underlying issues, saving money and keeping property managers happy.

We know how important a clean and professional image can be, so we’ll use your branding on our plug and play reports for management staff. We’ll also help you generate customised portfolio reports via live portal pages by customer, regional manager – or whatever you require.